Hospitals in the North Country will benefit from a new bill if the Senate agrees with the House. The measure would invest $214 billion in blocking cuts to physicians' medicare payouts. A bill enacted nearly twenty years ago has constantly threatened to shortchange adequate treatment for the elderly. If it passes through the Senate, Massena Memorial Hospital and Claxton-Hepburn might see some of their burdens softened.
A Rensselaer Falls woman has been jailed without bail for selling crack cocaine and suboxone. 26 year old Rachel Gordon was taken into custody by the Ogdensburg Police Department on Wednesday and faces felony counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Police allege that Gordon sold the drugs on multiple instances inside the city of Ogdensburg. This marks the fifth such arrest for our area in a week's time.
Watertown police have been noticing an influx of counterfeit cash as of late. The Watertown Police Department says that on half a dozen occassions, they have run into counterfeit bills, primarily fifties. Locations where fake cash has passed include a number of restaurants, a liquor store, and several other businesses on Arsenal Street. A 20 year old man has been taken into custody regarding a recent incident. Although the color copier he was using was seized, there are still counterfeit bills in circulation, as not all cashiers or customers might notice the difference. According to News Channel 7, the Secret Service has been made aware of three Massachusetts individuals who are connected to the man previously arrested.
The creation of a commission could soon alleviation tension between teachers' unions and governor Cuomo. The Governor has refused to pass the state's budget without changes to education policy - specifically how a teacher is rated and how tenure is implemented. Cuomo demands that half of the teacher's score be based on standardized test performance by students. That, however, isn't sitting so well with teachers or unions, many of whom have openly questioned the reliability of new tests and the Common Core. The creation of an outside commission was proposed this week, which would see a third party appointed by the state Legislature and the Governor decide how the redesign will be shaped. Nothing is definite at this point, though. Thanks to NCPR for that update on Education policies.
As the weather warms up, the Ontario Provincial Police SAVE Team is warning area residents to be extra cautious on the ice. The remind ice fisherman and cross country skiiers that traveling across ice requires at least 4" of solid ice, while using a snowmobile requires at least 5" of new clear hard ice. Travelers are urged to check the ice in several spots and to wear safety gear.
A Section of the Brock Trail will be finished this summer thanks to a donation to the Brockville and Area COmmunity FOundation. ON Tuesday, Shell Canada gave 35 thousand dollars to the Foundation in order to fund the completion of a section of the trail between Henry St and St. Paul STreet. No word on when work is slated to begin.
NHL - Coyotes over Sabres 4 to 3 in OT, Kings beat Islanders 3 to 2, Panthers over Maple Leafs 4 to 1, Wow - big win for Rangers they beat the Sens 5 to 1, Jets over Habs 5 to 2.
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The following is the list of the 10 most popular Lent sacrifices from last year based on Twitter mentions. What are you giving up?
school (11,330 tweets);
chocolate (8,916);
Twitter (8,171);
swearing (6,733);
alcohol (5,820);
soda (5,087);
social networking (4,087);
sweets (3,860);
fast food (3,830);
homework (2,687)




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