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10 Foods That Are Most Likely To Kill You, Or At Least Give You The Runs

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Not only is food necessary for life, itís one of the greatest joys of being alive. Thatís why food-borne illness, and even death, is so devastatingly tragic. So to avoid being poisoned by your favorite food, keep an eye out for these ten meals that are most likely to harbor dangerous bacteria.

1. Chicken

According to a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Prevention, contaminated chicken takes the cake for most food-related deaths. Make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds before and after handling raw meat, use separate cutting boards, and maintain temperature by using thermometers and storing at 40 degrees F and below.

2. Rice

Believe it or not, rice is also a possible infector, if you donít be cool about it. Meaning you should store your leftover cooked rice in the fridge, lest Bacillus cereus start growing and make you vom.

3. Coleslaw

Foods containing mayonnaise can make you sick after sitting out for too long, although food safety scientist Doug Powell feels that most commercial mayo is safe, since they use pasteurized eggs and lots of bacteria-controlling vinegar. But homemade mayo still has its risks.

4. Canteloupe

This melonís rough skin is uniquely conducive to trapping bacteria, as when the Listeria outbreak occurred in 2011, killing up to 16 people an sickening even more. Even salmonella can hide in the cracks, so it just goes to confirm my stance that honeydew is the superior melon.

5. Spinach and Leafy Greens

According to the same CDC study that determined chicken is deadliest, ďAbout 1 in 5 illnesses were linked to leafy green vegetables.Ē The dangerous bacteria found on these veggies and poultry is the norovirus, often spread by cooks and food handlers. So always make sure to rinse off your produce first.

6. Raw Shellfish

Unsurprisingly, raw shellfish is a common harborer of bacteria, since these guys can be exposed to raw waste underwater. The Vibrio bacteria found in oysters can produce a toxin that attacks vulnerable livers.

7. Raw Milk

Though some tout the benefits of drinking unpasteurized milk, it can also contain bacteria like salmonella, listeria, campylobacter and brucella. Young, old, and people with weak immune systems are most at risk, but even if youíre healthy, youíre risking an all-nighter in the can.

8. Sprouts

Another surprise to me, sprouts are also a breeding ground for bacteria. Thatís because seeds and beans need warm, humid conditions to sprout, which are the same conditions that bacteria like salmonella, listeria and E. coli need to grow. So may want to avoid these threadlike veggies next time youíre having Pad Thai.

9. Eggs

Salmonella can live both on the outside of eggs, or get inside as the egg is forming. Lots of regulations have made it harder for salmonella to spread, but still take precautions by throwing out cracked or dirty eggs, and keeping them at safe temperatures.

10. Deli Meats

Lunch meats left sitting out can grow bacteria in a few hours, so make sure to throw your picnic sandwiches back in the cooler to preserve them safely.



9 Impulse Purchases You Instantly Regret



Groceries You Donít Need (or Really Even Want)

Supermarkets and smaller purveyors of foodstuffs are designed to get you in and out in two ways: One is the outer ring where you will find produce, dairy, meats and fish, and frozen foods -- and with the exception of the latter, if you stay to that outer ring, you will not see a lot of the things you donít need to buy. Start spelunking those dastardly aisles on the inner-ring that is the realm of expensive processed foods, however, and the retail-twitchy among us are doomed. Unless you really do need Lucky Charms and Flowers of Hawaii-scented teaÖ. (You do not.)


The Beer Bottle Cap Hat

This is a catch-all for the ridiculously silly or useless things that we occasionally buy while we are out and about, especially with acquisitive children who think cute or novel items are the fruit that grows on the proverbial money tree.


Certain Types of Clothing (You Know What Iím Talking About)

Whether you are shopping online or in a store that sells clothing, you should be on high alert. How many pairs of whatever just hit you with the Stun Gun of Extreme Want do you really need? Take a deep breath, and walk away from the re-issued 1950s jeans. Are they really worth $300? Shoes are also a good example of this. Marilyn Monroe once said, ďGive a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.Ē This may be true, but if you are crippled by debt, expensive shoes are not so much a good buy, as a good-bye to fiscal well-being.


Supersizing Everything

How much extra does it cost to supersize something? Letís say you do that four times a week: maybe itís $1 today, but if you do that once a week itís a full $52 a year you could be saving, not to mention the extra trip (or two) to the gym.



The gaming industry increasingly allows gamers to download new video games for free, but youíre going to pay dearly if you want to get cool stuff that makes the game actually fun to play.



Not much to say here that you donít already know: It adds up. This financial death by a thousand cuts will not only leave you an angry bird, but the pigs will happily grunt all the way to the bank. Save the money, and the time you spent on being ďless productiveĒ (i.e., completely useless).


Theme Parks & Midway Games of Chance

While thereís a vague sense of accomplishment to have guided a claw to the perfect spot for it to drop and seize the fluffy blue bunny for the love of your life, itís also really a lot more expensive than simply buying one. The theme park rides arenít anywhere near the scariest part of the trip. Itís $100 per person for starters, then thereís parking, food and anything and everything else you buy at the theme park. Camping, anyone?


Lottery Tickets

You stand a better chance of being picked by Adam, Shakira, Usher or Blake to be on The Voice than winning these things. ĎNuff said.


Latte & Lunch


Consider brown-bagging it and drinking the coffee at work -- or bring a Thermos with you! The average American spends more than $3,000 a year on lunch and coffee, according to a recent study.

While saving money might be less fun in the short run, it gets easier and more rewarding once you decide to do it and see the fruits of your self-control as your bank balances start to lift. Furthermore, if your love of impulse buying is leading you to spend more than you earn, the interest you pay from carrying debt will eat away at your future efforts to save. If youíre maxing out your credit cards, too, your credit scores will feel the pain, which will lead to higher interest rates Ė and probably less savings Ė for you in the long run.

If you are rigorous, you can have a six-month cushion in the bank in no time -- but you have to take the first step, which in many cases is a non-step. Leave the items on the shelf (virtual or otherwise) and keep your wallet in your pocket.


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